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Cape Town Dentist

Dr Guillaumè Barker is a dentist practicing in Gardens, Cape Town.

With the assistance of a team of specialists and the practice staff Dr Guillaume Barker has the ideal to restore teeth and health with a pleasing cosmetic and natural aesthetic result.

A full maintenance and prevention aftercare program is offered via a recall system to our oral hygienist. 

Our friendly and professional staff are qualified to provide expertise in all areas of your treatments.

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What can our Dental Practice offer you?

We are proud to offer advanced dental technology for superior cosmetic, aesthetic and technical results. The technologies used by us include computerized anesthesia, often administered without any discomfort at all, and diagnoses of early decay using a laser.

Our crown jewel in the practice is the CEREC® computerized system for ceramic crown, inlay and veneer manufacturing with placement in one visit.

Where possible we restore teeth using metal free and amalgam free methods which includes not just the CEREC® system but also white fillings and lab made crowns.

We offer a recall system for regular checkups and cleans.

Apart from making preventative sense it is also the cornerstone of being able to treat patients conservatively.

Instead of treating everything that is not 100% it can sometimes rather be noted as an area of concern to be followed up.Treatment then only follows if further deterioration has been noted.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our Gardens Cape Town based dental practice offers a full spectrum of dentistry - some of which is done in conjunction with specialists (for example maxillo-facial surgeons and periodontists). A complex case is often better handled by a team of experts rather than by one dentist and his drill.

Before a treatment plan or cost estimate can be decided upon it is best to have a full dental checkup since each case is unique with its own treatment options. This way the patients can make an informed decision regarding their dental needs and rehabilitation. It is important to guard against unrealistic expectations in general but especially with cosmetic treatment and therefore time must be spent discussing the likely outcome.

Standard Dental Procedures that we offer:

- Crowns
- Veneers
- Bonding
- Bridges
- Fillings
- Dentures
- Dental implants
- Root canal treatment
- Teeth whitening
- Radio Surgery


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