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CEREC® Single Visit Crowns, Inlays and Veneers

This system includes CAD/CAM (computer aided design/computer aided manufacture) of crowns, veneers and inlays using the finest ceramic material.

  • One visit, so no temporary crowns and no second injection
  • Less time out of your busy schedule
  • Metal free
  • Conservative preparation so less healthy tooth is cut
  • Highly aesthetic and cosmetic
  • Optical impression,so no pastes to gag on


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What is CEREC actually?

Computerized injections

Many patients find this part of dentistry distressing  and now it no longer has to be this way! With The Wand ® the dentist has more procedural options and improved control.

  • The ability to numb patients who have never been successfully anaesthetized before
  • Very comfortable, pain free or nearly pain free injections
  • Less local anesthetic agent needed due to the efficacy of the method
  • Less injections
  • Makes root canal treatment painless
  • STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia in the lower jaw) possible without numb tongue
  • Non intimidating appearance helps in treating kids

Laser diagnostics

With the Diagnodent Fluorescence Laser ® we can diagnose decay which is invisible to the eye,dental probe or x-rays.

  • Early diagnosis means smaller fills and less damage to the teeth
  • Quantifiable checking and documentation of decay development
  • No probing in the areas where the diagnodent can be used

Click here to view a Diagnodent Graph

Digital x-rays

In combination with conventional x-ray plates we use a corded digital
x-rays sensor.

  • Less radiation exposure to the patient
  • Improved diagnoses where applicable
  • Instantly available image
  • Of great value when doing root canal treatment (faster procedure)
Intra oral photography
We use a small pen like intra oral camera to document disease of the oral environment.

  • Better communication with the patients regarding their treatment
  • Documenting disease progression or improvement
  • Improved communication when referring a patient

Radio surgery

An amazing tool for soft tissue management. It cuts or sculpts soft tissue with radio waves.

  • Little or no bleeding
  • Improved healing time
  • Less scar tissue
  • Precise
  • Improved patient comfort due to no pressure being applied on the tissue

Computerized root canal treatment

A safe and quick way of performing root canal treatment.

  • Safe due to improved control and files that are held firmly in the handpiece
  • Fast reaction with auto reverse/stop functions
  • Shortens the duration of the root canal treatment
  • Uses Nickel-Titanium files for improved results and safety

Nano Technology

Modern restorative dentistry revolves around the ability to bond materials to teeth and therefore the quality of bonding is of paramount importance.

This technology utilizes nano particles in the materials used for general bonding and the actual white filling itself. A nano particle is very, very ,very small!


  • Improved bonding strength
  • Thin film thickness of bonding agent so that crowns, inlays and veneers will fit better
  • Gives superior properties to the white filling material
  • Reduction or complete elimination of sensitivities post op
Bleaching/Teeth whitening
There are three basic methods of bleaching available
  1. In dental office bleaching (using chemical or light activation)
  2. Internal bleaching (bleaching agent placed inside a  discolored root treated tooth)
  3. Home bleaching kits


  • We can tackle any form of discoloration
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